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The simplest editor to translate apps & sites for YAML files


YAML file friendly

Localize and translate any apps or sites that uses YAML for localization. Yaml is used in many languages such as Ruby, Python, Php and for Framework such as Rails or Symphony.

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Easy to use

  1. Import your files to translate
  2. Click on Enter to get the next translation to do. You will have a progress bar in percentage 
  3. Many others shortcuts to help your to translate faster!

Safety check

Translate an app or a site takes time. Polly has a safety check when you want to export your files to inform you.

Translate for everyone, everywhere !

Open Source

Pollly is an open source project created with ❤️  by Orson. We needed an internal tool to localize our application and we couldn't find anything simple so We MADE it. It has been developed in Javascript & AngularJs

100% Free

Pollly is 100% Free for the community. Use it as you want. Spread the word if you like it. It will be the best gift for us

Online platform

Pollly is 100% online. Import your files, translate them and export them directly for the Pollly website.

Let's translate